Charles Cummins
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Welcome to my Website!

If you're motivated to get healthier and stronger, you've come to the right place.

As an ISSA-certified fitness professional, I can help you set realistic goals and transform your health and your life for the better. I can help you look and feel your best. And I can help you enjoy yourself along the way.

I am particularly experienced with various disciplines of fighting and enjoy helping out with sports specific strength & conditioning and improving game in lacking areas.

I also teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai Boxing and welcome all inquiries. Further information as to my qualifications in this area are on the 'About Me' tab. 

To get in touch with me, just click on "Contact Me" and send me a message or you can give me a call at 07786626433.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day.