Services & Rates

Personal Fitness Coach

Sessions: 60 minutes: £ on request

If you want to make real progress then Personal training is the fastest way to achieve your goals.

Do you need specific, functional Strength & Conditioning to improve an area for an existing sport or simply want to look and feel better?

From beginner to expert I can provide tailored exercise routines and calculate your nutritional needs. Provide information and advice on recipe ideas and shopping tips from years of personal experience. 

Services provided range from small group classes, 1-1 training and/or body-fat calculation, nutritional information, training information, or any selection, designed for you personally and your goals. Just give me a call or send me a message for a no fee, no obligation chat to discuss what you want to achieve. All calls are strictly confidential. 

Distance Packages

1 Pack: £10

Maybe you live too far to travel to the gym, maybe you are away on business a lot. As long as you can receive emails or have an internet connection we can make it work.

With a few measurements taken by yourself at strategic points and some basic information I can calculate your nutritional requirements, body fat percentage, training plans and overall plans to assist you to work alone. From this we can keep an accurate track of your progress in achieving your goal.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

60 minutes: £5

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a major sport and fighting art that first became noticed to most in the early days of UFC. It has been proven highly effective time and again and continues to thrive and adapt to the ever changing landscape of the fighting world.

I am a Purple belt under Peter 'Itaipava BJJ' Irving and have approximately 8 years experience on the mats. Peter is a Black Belt who studied in Brazil under Master Crezio de Souza and Leo Negao

Pricing for personal tuition is £30 per hour and altered for small groups so best to call and enquire. 

Thai Boxing

60 minutes: £5

Thai Boxing is a highly effective fighting style and popular sport. It is known as the best discipline for a stand up game in MMA world, alongside Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for ground game and Freestyle Wrestling for take downs, clinching and pinning.

I am a Black Belt under Martin Din, I have fought semi-professionally and held the Northern Areas Welterweight Title for a time. I cater for anyone wanting to get fit, learn something new or fight at any level.

Pricing is £30 per hour for private tuition and altered for small groups, all enquiries are welcome.